Pop ups are coming your way!

We are making doughnuts available to pick up every Saturday 9-2.

Flavours will change each week.

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Flavours this week

Raspberry Jam & Cream

The original doughnut to take you back to being a kid, eating those delicious cream doughnuts without a care in the world except how much cream you had on your face. 

Blueberry Compote with Belgian White Chocolate Glaze

Just the right amount of house-made fresh blueberry compote with a luxurious white chocolate glaze.

Vanilla Bean Custard + Rhubarb

Our famous light and creamy vanilla custard filling with freeze dried rhubarb glaze. Tart and sweet, the perfect combination.

Real Passionfruit Glaze

Freeze dried passionfruit glaze. 

So tangy and sweet, it is a delight for your taste buds!

Vegan - Chocolate Raspberry

Freshly made doughnuts covered in a dark chocolate ganache with tangy freeze dried raspberries on top.

Vegan and delicious. 

Plain Cinnamon Sugar

 Plain cinnamon sugar doughnuts for the purists.  

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