About Us

We are Chris & Amy, the founders of Yolanda & Wolfe.

We started our coffee caravan in 2018. 

Starting with 40 brioche doughnuts a weekend, the word quickly spread about our mouthwatering doughnuts and we were busy making over 700 a weekend.

We are proud to hand make small batch brioche doughnuts using the best ingredients we can get our hands on.

Each batch of doughnuts requires 18 hours of slow fermentation to inspire the most amazing flavoured brioche doughnuts!

Remember the soft pillowy doughnuts encrusted in cinnamon sugar and filled to the brim with slightly sweet cream with lashings of tart raspberry jam?
Yep, that's our jam. Pun intended.

We sold our caravan to make a more permanent fixture in our building in Auckland.

You can find us here...

"The Doughnut Garage"
Unit 5 / 3 Workspace Drive

We love hearing from you so don't be shy to drop us a line!